Wekagram (Wg) is the unit of mass equal to 1027 kilograms, or 0.5267 Jupiter masses or 167.4 Earth masses. It would be most useful for measuring masses of giant gas planets in metric units besides Jupiter masses and kilograms. But for rocky planets, xentagram (Xg), which is 0.001 Wg, can be used besides Earth masses and kilograms. For stars, vundagram (Vg), equalling 1000 Wg, can be assigned besides solar masses and kilograms. For moons, asteroids and other small celestial bodies, yottagram (Yg), which is one-millionth of a wekagram, can be used in addition to Lunar masses and kilograms.

Object Metric Planetary
Ceres 0.9433 Yg 0.0128 ML
Pluto 13.0 Yg 0.178 ML
Moon 73.5 Yg 1.000 ML
Io 83.9 Yg 1.142 ML
Titan 135 Yg 1.829 ML
Kepler-37b 0.156 Xg 0.0262 M
Mercury 0.330 Xg 0.0553 M
Mars 0.642 Xg 0.107 M
Venus 4.870 Xg 0.815 M
Earth 5.974 Xg 1.000 M
GJ 1214 b 39.15 Xg 6.554 M
Kepler-22b 52.29 Xg 8.754 M
Uranus 0.0868 Wg 14.53 M
Neptune 0.102 Wg 17.15 M
Saturn 0.568 Wg 0.299 MJ
Jupiter 1.899 Wg 1.000 MJ
Tau Boötis b 11.294 Wg 5.949 MJ
Kappa Andromedae b 24.364 Wg 12.833 MJ
Proxima Centauri 0.244 Vg 0.123 M
Sun 1.989 Vg 1.000 M
Eta Carinae 242.8 Vg 122.1 M

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