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Wame (abbreviation or symbol: wa) is a unit of mass approximately equal to the average weight of an adult human — 150 pounds, 68.04 kilograms, or 0.075 ton. The average weight of adult men in the United States is 1.197 wa (179.5 lb, 81.4 kg). The average weight of adult women in the United States is 0.980 wa (147.0 lb, 66.7 kg). So the average weight in both adult sexes living in the United States is 1.088 wa (163.2 lb, 74.0 kg). The average weight around the world is approximately 1 wame. For example, as of December 31, 2013, PlanetStar weighs 0.7223 wa (108.34 lb, 49.14 kg), which is relatively light for an adult man. Hopefully in the future, this unit shall pass on to the literature so wame will be as commonly used to measure human weights as pounds or kilograms.

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