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Transramsium elements (also known as transramsic elements) are elements heavier than ramsium, the last element of my extended periodic table. They begin at atomic number 173 and period 10.

Quantum and relativistic effects would be more pronounced than lighter, transmoscovium elements, due to more electrons going near the speed of light, except in 1s orbital where the light speed is reached at element 174. Heavier elements would reach light speed for orbitals farther from the nucleus. Their effects would be so pronounced that it would be illogical to place elements on the periodic table.

Transramsium elements are incredibly unstable to fission resulting in incredibly short half-lives, often less than a nanosecond. Element 184 would be the most stable transramsium element with a half-life of 13 seconds, due to closed proton shell.

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