Time operation is a mathematical operation in which to solve the value using the pair of numbers separated by a colon, like when displaying time. To find the value, we need to multiply the first number by 60 then add the second number. Let's figure out the value of 6:40. We set up as (6×60)+40=360+40=400.

If there are three numbers to work with, we would multiply the first number by 3600 (60²), then add the product of the middle number and 60, and then adding the third number. For example, to find the value of 7:28:49, we multiply 7 by 3600, which is 25200, then we add 28×60, which is 1680, and 49, then we get 25200+1680+49=26880+49=26929.

We can do it in reverse. Let's find the time display for 560. Since 560 is less than 3600, we'll find how many multiples of 60 goes into 560. That would be 9 since 9×60=540. 9 will be the first number, then the second number will be the remainder, by subtracting 560−540=20. So the final answer will be 9:20. Now let's find 46656, which is 66. Since 46656 is greater than 3600, we'll divide 46656 by 3600 and leave just the number in front of the decimal point, that would be 12 as the leftmost number since 12×3600=43200 and the difference between 46656 and 43200 is 3456. 3456 divided by 60 equals 57.6, which becomes 57 that'd goes as the middle number. Then we multiply 57×60=3420 and the difference between 3456 and 3420 is 36, which will be the rightmost number and can also be obtained by multiplying the decimal remainder (.6) by 60. The final answer is 12:57:36.