Pulsar planet 2

This is a planet close to a pulsar star

Pulsar planet is a real class of planet with a surface that are exposed to dangerous high levels of radiation, because the planet is close to a pulsar star.

Appearance Edit

The surface of a radioactive planet would moslty be grey and lifeless. The first solar system that was discovered to have a pulsar star was solar system (PSR 1829-10).

Life Edit

The possibility that life would exist on a pulsar planet is highly impossible, cause of the high levels of radiation. The DNA of all living creatures are highly vulnerable to be exposed to radiation, because it would break down the structure of the DNA-spiral. For the exception of cockroaches that have a resistent exoskeleton that can survive high levels of radiation without being mutated or killed, though to the loss of oxygen, on these planets not even these creature could survive here.

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