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Fraunhoferium is an element with the symbol Fh and atomic number 161. It is a dark green metal more than four times denser than iron. Fraunhoferium is placed in the cobalt family of the periodic table, but properties of this element resembles that of alkali metals due to relativistic effects. 462Fh is the longest-lived isotope of fraunhoferium with a half-life of 28.6 seconds. The element is named after Joseph von Fraunhofer (1787–1826), who revolutionized spectroscopy by discovering dark absorption lines on the spectrum, which are fingerprints for identifying elements or compounds.

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Ammonia planet

This world is the typical appearance of ammonia planets, planets where there are bodies of liquid ammonia, including as oceans as shown in image. Due to large amounts of alkali earth metals dissolved in it, oceans would appear brown, but if in small amounts ammonia oceans would appear blue. Black lands shown in image is due to black vegetation.

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