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Devana (61 Virginis b, P378) is the innermost planet around 61 Virginis, taking approximately 4 days to orbit its star in the Bellerophian orbit. It is a super-Earth with the diameter of 27 megameters, taking the same amount of time to completely rotate on its axis as its orbital trip around the parent star. Due to its close orbit around the sun, the planet's surface is baked at a temperature of 1572°F (856°C). With its high surface temperature, combined with ultra-active volcanism all over the surface caused by tidal forces of its close sun, much of the surface is molten. The planet's atmosphere is thin, comprising chiefly of CO2.

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Eirene (Gliese 581 c, P209) is a sandy desert world orbiting the red dwarf star Gliese 581, as noted by its color.

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