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This is a wiki about the ideas of the user PlanetStar. It contains things like hypothetical elements, extrasolar planets, invented measurement units, and other things like the Future of Major League Baseball and Koft operation.

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  • Basic mathematical operations such as addition and subtraction did not become formal until the late 19th century.
  • Voyager spacecraft originally was going to look at Pluto up close.
  • Just after its discovery, the New York Times thought Pluto was possibly bigger than Jupiter.
  • You can hear the shooting stars.
  • The Earth is receding from the sun by 6 inches (15 cm) per year.
  • It starts getting darker shortly before sunset.
  • December full moon is called the Cold Moon.
  • There are rumors of a 15-mile-deep hole near Ellensburg, Washington.
  • Humans give off light, though much too faint to be detected with our own eyes.
  • Psychedelic soul is also called black rock.
  • The LA Dodgers made the World Series despite having their worst 40-game start in 60 years.
  • Alaska is actually the easternmost state because the Aleutian Islands dip into Eastern hemisphere.
  • January is the deadliest month of the year.
  • Syfy Original series The Expanse is like Game of Thrones in space.
  • Women’s farts tend to smell worse than men’s.