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What is this wiki about? Edit

This is a wiki made by the user PlanetStar, although it is contributed by some others such as Setha43.

On this wiki you will find articles about hypothetical elements, extrasolar planets, made-up measurement units, predictions about things such as the Future of Major League Baseball, and other things like the Koft operation.

Recommended articles Edit

...and more at Category:Articles

More to explore... Edit

Other wikis I often contribute to Edit

General facts Edit

  • (88*89)+88+89 = 8009
  • There could be infinite number of universes.
  • Bambino, which is nickname of Babe Ruth, is the Italian word for baby.
  • Loaf of bread had never been pre-sliced last time the Cubs won the World Series in 1908.
  • Vicenarian is a person who is in their 20s.
  • Nibling is the collective term for nephew and niece.
  • A 1200 mile object impacted Mars 4.5 billion years ago just after it formed.
  • 60°S parallel doesn't cross any land.
  • Cyan is the inverse of red.
  • Purple is practically considered the fourth color of Valentine's holiday after red, pink and white.
  • Frenemy means a friendly person who is also an enemy.
  • There is a Slayer album titled God Hates Us All.
  • Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is practically called Star Wars Episode 3.5.
  • The movie Space Twister is about Jupiter's Great Red Spot invading Earth.
  • Roy Cleveland Sullivan was struck by lightning seven times.

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