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General factsEdit

  • Fish were ancestors to all humans and animals.
  • Coffee beans were green before they were roasted and turned brown, the reason why coffee is brown.
  • The United States in the only industrialized country that does not generally use the metric system.
  • The numbering system we always use is just one of several number bases, including dozenal, which contains two single digits after 9.
  • Women are more sensitive to cold than men.
  • Fat people burn more calories than skinny people.
  • People walk at the average speed of 3.1 mph or 4.5 ft/s.
  • A gigasecond (billion seconds) is approx. 31.7 years.
  • Few people can even snore while awake.
  • The coolest flame has a temperature of about 250°F (120°C).
  • The last month that full moon did not occur was in February 1865.
  • Soulfly's third album is simply titled 3.
  • Since Link is left-handed, the Wii version of Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess was mirrored to make him right-handed.
  • Kalique, a character in the movie Jupiter Ascending, is 14,004 years old.
  • Demons are fallen angels.

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