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General factsEdit

  • Philadelphia was formerly the U.S. capital when George Washington was the first president.
  • New York Yankees also lost more World Series than any other MLB franchises.
  • There was MLB baseball team called Cleveland Spiders in the late 1800s.
  • William Herschel believed that the interior of the Sun is cooler than the luminous exterior and may be inhabited.
  • The word 'girl' used to mean child of either sex when the word was coined between 1250-1300 and then changed its meaning to female child in late 1400s.
  • Baby boys used to wear pink and baby girls used to wear blue, switched from that of today.
  • Kepler-80 system has five planets crammed within 0.08 AU from the parent star.
  • In protologism, suffix -orse denotes less while -orst denotes least, such as clearorse (less clear) and sharporst (least sharp).
  • Windows 9 was skipped because the successor of Windows 8 leaped far from the previous Windows installment.
  • Google Chrome offers features than can allow them to change color of webpages such as Wikipedia.
  • Joe DiMaggio went 16 straight games with a hit right after snapping the 56-game hitting streak, the longest all time in MLB.
  • Blue is the rarest color in nature.
  • Gallium is a metal that can melt on person's hand but boils at 4000°F.
  • Tald is a unit equal to 5½ feet, used as a unity in human heights.
  • Apple is the symbol of September, analogous with pumpkin in October.

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