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This is a wiki made by the user PlanetStar, although it is contributed by some others such as Setha43.

On this wiki you will find articles about hypothetical elements, extrasolar planets, made-up measurement units, predictions about things such as the Future of Major League Baseball, and other things like the Koft operation.

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General facts Edit

  • The Bahamas was built by cyanobacteria that feed on Saharan sand.
  • There were plankton grown on the outside windows on International Space Station.
  • Blue is the rarest color in nature.
  • The additional colors in the basic color scheme are peach, cyan, lime, lilac, maroon, and gold. See distinct color scheme
  • Cyan is a pink of blue as cyan is light light blue and pink is light light red.
  • The color fuchsine was renamed to magenta to celebrate a victory of the French and Sardinian army at the Battle of Magenta in 1859 near the Italian town of Magenta.
  • There are other R#-$# in addition to R2-D2 such as R3-S6.
  • LHS 1140 b is said to be the best planet discovered of the last ten years.
  • In the film Interstellar, Joseph Cooper (played by Matthew McConaughey) sees his daughter both as a 10-year old and 33-year old at the same time while apparently behind the bookshelf in the tesseract after getting into a black hole.
  • 26th day of the month is considered the unluckiest day of the month as numerous major disasters happen on the 26th.
  • Latrophobia is the fear of worship while phobolatry is the worship of fear.
  • There were no Classical Greek words for boy and girl.
  • The Type O Negative song "Burnt Flowers Fallen" is about a girl burning all the flowers that her boyfriend gave to her.
  • 'Swimming pool table tennis' is an example of before, during & after phrase while the components 'swimming pool table' and 'pool table tennis' are before & after phrases.
  • I believe people most commonly play games on Friday and Saturday, a reason why these days are collectively called Fundays.

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