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This is a wiki made by the user PlanetStar, although it is contributed by some others such as Setha43.

On this wiki you will find articles about hypothetical elements, extrasolar planets, made-up measurement units, predictions about things such as the Future of Major League Baseball, and other things like the Koft operation.

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  • It can snow in Sahara.
  • The worship of snow is called chionolatry.
  • There is a "heart" on Pluto.
  • Boston, Philadelphia and St. Louis used to have two MLB teams.
  • The Green Monster at Fenway Park is rumored to keep the Yankees from coming to town.
  • Hall of Famer Trevor Hoffman started his career as a shortstop before converting to a reliever.
  • Shown on the movie cover of The Remains is a little girl sitting in front of a dollhouse.
  • Demons are devils.
  • Some tornadoes have relatively calm center like the eye of a hurricane.
  • Viruses may have played a major role in the creation of life.
  • Out of five mass extinctions in geological history, only one of which was mass extinction of insects.
  • Two of the atomic bombs dropped on Japan in 1945 were "Little Boy" and "Fat Man".
  • There are periodic tables that don't show chemical elements, but group things according to their type in other areas, such as characters and worlds in Star Wars.
  • January and February were the last two months to be added to Roman calendar.
  • People have reported seeing moon in different colors throughout history, from red to pink to blue to green.