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This is a wiki made by the user PlanetStar, although it is contributed by some others such as Setha43.

On this wiki you will find articles about hypothetical elements, extrasolar planets, made-up measurement units, predictions about things such as the Future of Major League Baseball, and other things like the Koft operation.

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General facts Edit

  • There was a ballpark in Los Angeles named Wrigley Field where Los Angeles Angels played their first MLB season there.
  • If he played in modern ballparks, Babe Ruth would've hit 104 home runs in 1921.
  • Some scientists such as Mr. Brandenburg contend that the ancient nuclear war occurred on Mars.
  • Although cover by ice, Greenland was used to encourage settlers after the discovery, that is how the land was named.
  • The Solar System's smallest planet Mercury is shrinking.
  • The winds blows up to 5400 mph and rains glass sideways on exoplanet HD 189733 b.
  • The planets give off unique sound.
  • Absement is the measure of displacement over time, measured in meters second and inverse of velocity.
  • Puce is a purple-brown color.
  • Americans eat on average 2½ times more hot dogs during the summer months than during the winter.
  • Counterfactual history is a concept that deals with topics like what would've happen if Nazis won World War II and what if Confederates won the American Civil War.
  • North Korea is officially called Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) while South Korea is officially called Republic of Korea.
  • Skyfall means to suddenly slip into dark times in terms of emotion such as from death of a loved one.
  • Frito-Lay is the biggest selling chip brand of the U.S.
  • Players can create custom levels in Timesplitters video game series.

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