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Mountain planet is a class of planet where mountains dominate the surface. Mountain planets tend to have a lot of tectonic activity, needed to form mountains. Such planets are fairly hospitable for life. For such planets with life on land, they tend to thrive most dominantly in the plains or in the valleys. Mountain planets are believed to be rare in the galaxy.

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Cave Nebula

Cave Nebula (C9) is part of the nebula complex located in the constellation Cepheus in the caelregio Avis. The complex comprises of reflection, emission, and dark nebulosity. The name originated when dark curved lanes on the eastern side seen from a telescope resembling an appearance of a cave entrance.

Did you know...Edit

  • ... that the diameter of the universe is 93 billion light-years, seven times the value of its age?
  • ... that colors can be inverted?
  • ... that Metallica is the only band ever to perform on all seven continents?
  • ... that Titan is the only moon in our solar system where its atmosphere is thicker than Mars' as well as Earth's?

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