Nanoparsec (npc) is a unit of length one-billionth of a parsec, equating to about 30.857 megameters, 0.1 light-seconds, or about 4.843 Earth radii. This unit can be used to measure the sizes of planets and stars as an alternative of miles, kilometers, megameters, Earth radii, Jupiter radii, or Solar radii. For example, the mean circumference of Earth is 1.30 nanoparsecs while Jupiter's mean radius is 2.27 nanoparsecs.

Object Radius Circum.
Ceres 0.015 npc 0.097 npc
Pluto 0.037 npc 0.235 npc
Moon 0.056 npc 0.354 npc
Kepler-37b 0.063 npc 0.393 npc
Mercury 0.079 npc 0.497 npc
Titan 0.083 npc 0.524 npc
Mars 0.110 npc 0.690 npc
Venus 0.196 npc 1.232 npc
Earth 0.206 npc 1.297 npc
Kepler-22b 0.491 npc 3.083 npc
Neptune 0.806 npc 5.062 npc
Uranus 0.829 npc 5.209 npc
Saturn 1.877 npc 11.791 npc
Jupiter 2.267 npc 14.242 npc
HD 209458 b 3.003 npc 18.866 npc
WASP-17b 4.513 npc 28.356 npc
Sun 22.551 npc 141.694 npc

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