Microparsec (μpc) is a unit of distance one-millionth of a parsec, about 30 gigameters, 1.7 light-minutes, or about 15 astronomical unit. This unit can be used in alternative to astronomical units, gigameters, kilometers, and miles to measure companion distances from the star, such as planets or companion stars. For example, Earth's distance from the Sun is 4.85 μpc while the nearest exoplanet Alpha Centauri Bb is just 0.203 μpc from the parent star Alpha Centauri B.

Object Distance
Alpha Centauri Bb 0.20 μpc
51 Pegasi b 0.26 μpc
Mercury 1.88 μpc
Venus 3.51 μpc
Earth 4.85 μpc
Mars 7.39 μpc
Ceres 13.41 μpc
Jupiter 25.21 μpc
Saturn 46.24 μpc
Uranus 93.23 μpc
Neptune 145.72 μpc
Pluto 190.36 μpc
Eris 329.74 μpc
Fomalhaut b 550.34 μpc
Sedna 2514.10 μpc

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