Ligne (l or triple prime (‘‘‘)) is a unit of length equal to 112 of an inch or 2.116 millimeters. Ligne is an old unit of length used exclusively in France, that's why it is also called Paris line. Line can be used as an alternative to millimeter to measure small things, such as insects. It can be used as subdivision of inches when measuring person's height, often designated using triple prime, for example 5'4"11‘‘‘.

Ligne in this sense is not to be confused with homonym line, which is 140 of an inch.

Unit is equal to
1 line 0.3 l
1 millimeter ≈0.47244 l
1 dex 0.75 l
1 centimeter ≈4.7244 l
1 inch 12 l
1 hand 48 ln
1 foot 144 l
1 yard 432 l
1 meter ≈472.44 ln
1 hite 792 ln
1 fathom 864 ln
1 storey 1440 ln
1 duse 1728 ln
1 rod 2376 ln
1 furlong 95040 ln
1 kilometer 472440 ln
1 mile 760320 ln

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