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Divit operation is a mathematical operation in which the resulting number is the ratio of the product and sum of its individual digits. For example, the divit of 264 is 4 since 2×6×4=48 and 2+6+4=12 then dividing 48 by 12 and we get 4. The divit would be the same for all the anagrammic numbers of 264, including 246, 462, 624 since the product and sum would not differ when numbers used to multiply and add are rearranged (unlike division and subtraction). Most numbers have divit in decimals, such as 334, which is 3.6 (3×3×4=36, 3+3+4=10, 36/10=3.6). The numbers that have corresponding divits in integral numbers are called divit numbers. The examples of divit numbers are 264 mentioned above, 999, 36, 22, and 2945. The divits for all of the single-digit numbers would all be 1 since there would be no other digit to multiply and add, therefore it can only divide the number by itself. The corresponding divits for all the numbers containing zero in it such as 3033 would be zero, since if there's zero in the multiplication would equal zero and dividing any other number would still be zero.

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