This page lists 17 colors that are distinct enough to warrant the inclusion, including 11 basic colors. Or in other words is a mere extension of basic color scheme. The basic colors are red, blue, yellow, green, orange, purple, pink, brown, gray, black, and white. And the additional colors included in the scheme are peach, turquoise, maroon, lime, gold, and lilac.

Table of colors Edit

Color Type Temp Components Inverse color
red warm primary cyan
blue cool primary yellow
yellow warm primary blue
green cool secondary blue, yellow neon pink
orange warm secondary red, yellow azure
purple cool secondary red, blue sea green
brown warm monochromatic orange, black sky blue
pink cool monochromatic red, white pine green
gray cool achromatic black, white gray
black warm achromatic white
white cool achromatic black
peach warm monochromatic yellow, pink midnight blue
turquoise cool monochromatic blue, white red
maroon warm monochromatic red, brown aqua
lime cool monochromatic green, white magenta
gold warm monochromatic yellow, brown royal blue
lilac cool monochromatic purple, white dark green

Comparative tones Edit

pink turquoise yellow lime peach lilac white
red blue gold green orange purple gray
maroon brown black

Compound colors Edit

The table shows the resulting colors if the two colors are mixed together.

+ red blue yellow green orange purple brown pink gray black white peach turquoise maroon lime gold lilac
red red purple orange chocolate scarlet aubergine maroon raspberry dark mauve dark red pink salmon orchid carmine golden olive persimmon light rose
blue purple blue green teal Chinese violet indigo chestnut heliotrope slate navy blue sky blue azure Tyrian purple emerald pine green light indigo
yellow orange green yellow chartreuse amber cocoa gold peach dark yellow light yellow canary yellow bright green burnt orange spring bud saffron
green chocolate teal chartreuse green citron slate dark olive storm green asparagus dark green lime jungle green spring green olive green
orange scarlet Chinese violet amber citron orange russet rust salmon brown pale orange peach-orange vermilion tangerine
purple aubergine indigo cocoa slate russet purple puce fuchsia dark purple lilac mauve light indigo burgundy orchid
brown maroon chestnut gold dark olive rust puce brown rosy brown dun seal brown beige tan auburn buff bronze mauve
pink raspberry heliotrope peach storm green salmon fuchsia rosy brown pink pastel pink shocking pink baby pink apricot lavendar marsala lime pink tan pink lavendar
gray dark mauve slate asparagus dun pastel pink gray dark gray light gray khaki winter gray thistle
black dark red navy blue dark yellow dark green brown dark purple seal brown shocking pink dark gray black gray peru blue-green purple
white pink sky blue light yellow lime pale orange lilac beige baby pink light gray gray white
peach salmon canary yellow peach-orange mauve tan apricot khaki peru cream peach aquamarine mint green
turquoise orchid azure bright green jungle green light indigo lavendar winter gray blue-green celeste aquamarine turquoise royal purple sea green periwinkle
maroon carmine Tyrian purple burnt orange vermillion burgundy auburn marsala royal purple maroon alloy orange bulberry
lime golden olive emerald spring bud spring green buff lime pink green mint green sea green lime
gold persimmon pine green saffron olive green tangerine bronze tan alloy orange gold
lilac light rose light indigo orchid mauve pink lavendar thistle purple periwinkle bulberry lilac

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