Dex (d or dx) is a unit of length equal to 116 of an inch or about 1.6 millimeters. The unit came from the shortest distance between two lines on the standard ruler. Dex can be used as an alternative to millimeter to determine the sizes of small things, such as tiny balls, brown spots on the skin, buttons on certain appliances, and insects.

Dex is a portmanteau of 'sex' and 'dec', Latin prefixes of six and ten (6+10=16).

Unit is equal to
1 line 0.4 d
1 millimeter 1.5875 d
1 ligne 1.3 d
1 centimeter 15.875 d
1 inch 16 d
1 hand 64 d
1 foot 192 d
1 yard 576 d
1 meter 1587.5 d
1 hite 1056 d
1 fathom 1152 d
1 storey 1920 d
1 rod 3168 d
1 furlong 126720 d
1 kilometer 629921.26 d
1 mile 1 013 760 d

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