Cant (ca) is a unit of time equal to 240 seconds, 4 minutes, or 115 of an hour. The term directly comes from the shortened form of Latin word cantus, meaning song as songs last about four minutes on average. The unit can be used instead of minutes to determine how long some activities or events last in that scale, such as driving to destinations and of course songs.

Unit is equal to
1 second 0.00416 cants
1 minute 0.25 cants
1 moment 0.375 cants
1 hour 15 cants
1 pardie 90 cants
1 work 120 cants
1 day 360 cants
1 week 2520 cants
1 fortnight 5040 cants
1 month 10957.5 cants
1 season 32872.5 cants
1 year 131490 cants

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