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This page lists 17 colors, including 11 basic colors, that are distinct enough to warrant the inclusion. Or in other words is a mere extension of basic color scheme. The basic colors are red, blue, yellow, green, orange, purple, pink, brown, gray, black, and white. And the sub-basic colors are peach, cyan, lime, lilac, maroon, and gold.

Table of colors Edit

Color Type Components Inverse color
red elemental cyan
blue elemental yellow
yellow elemental blue
green compound blue, yellow pink
orange compound red, yellow cerulean
purple compound red, blue sea green
pink compound red, white green
brown compound orange, black sky blue
gray compound black, white gray
black elemental white
white elemental black
peach compound yellow, pink navy blue
cyan compound blue, white red
lime compound green, white magenta
lilac compound purple, white forest green
maroon compound red, black celeste
gold compound yellow, brown ultramarine

Comparative tones Edit

pink cyan yellow lime peach lilac white
red blue gold green orange purple gray
maroon brown black


Although gender is used mainly for characterizing person or other animals, it can be used to signify nonliving things that remind about corresponding gender, including colors shown below.

Masculine colors: red, blue, green, orange, brown, peach, white, gray
Feminine colors: yellow, purple, pink, black


Blue is overwhelmingly the most common favorite color, faved by roughly 34% of all people. The second most common favorite is green at 13%, then red at 11%. The least common favorite color is gray, faved by just 2%.

Color Permillage Color Permillage
blue 340 yellow 47
green 134 pink 36
red 106 white 36
black 84 peach 31
purple 83 brown 23
orange 59 gray 21


The men's most common favorite color is blue, while the least common favorite and the most common least favorite color is pink. The percentage of men faving blue is approaching 38%, while pink is less than 1%.

Color Permillage Color Permillage
blue 376 white 31
green 149 brown 28
black 107 gray 28
red 101 yellow 23
orange 85 peach 17
purple 47 pink 6


Like men, blue is the most common favorite color for women, far ahead of others at over 30%. Pink is almost exclusively faved by women, as it is more than 10 times more common than men. There are four other colors that are women-dominant favorites: red, purple, yellow, and peach.

Color Permillage Color Permillage
blue 306 black 63
green 120 peach 44
purple 117 white 40
red 111 orange 33
yellow 72 brown 17
pink 64 gray 14


Colors associated with and used for love are called love colors. The four main love colors are red, pink, white, and purple; red and pink are the most common representations. In addition to these, any other basic color can be used for love, albeit less commonly used than the main colors. The most commonly used love color that is not in the top four is brown. The rarest used love color is gray.

Main Intermediate Rare
red brown blue
pink peach black
white yellow orange
purple green gray


Representations Edit

The following is common representations of all 16 of these colors.

Color Representations
red aggression, love, bad, passion, socialism, communism, Valentine's Day, heat, fire, hell, beauty, leadership, masculinity, injury, danger, blood, death, Christmas, volcanoes, error, blame, courage, mood, stop, sacrifice, struggle, failure, drug intolerance, wrong way
blue ice, water, ocean, sky, heaven, sadness, winter, police, royalty, boys, cold, calmness, magic, trueness, capitalism, sanctity, peacefulness, harmony
yellow sunshine, warmth, sand, desert, fun, happiness, warning, sanctity, preciousness, royalty, friendship, caution, slow, intelligence, cowardice, summer, Easter, autumn, electricity, celebration, joy, hope, praise, optimism, imagination, curiosity, wealth, vitality, fertility
green nature, growth, grass, forest, vitality, fertility, prosperity, good, freshness, fruitfulness, hope, success, calmness, recovery, rejuvenation, tolerance, jealousy, envy, youth, sickness, health, spring, St. Patrick's Day, abundance, money (US), military, monsters, devils
orange warning, autumn, desire, spirit, worship, fire, Halloween, Thanksgiving, prisoners, engineering, determination, compassion, endurance, optimism
purple royalty, Easter, upper class, poison, friendship, engineering, passion, sharing, wisdom, rage, feminism, homosexuality, sympathy, extreme
pink girls, love, health, breast cancer awareness, calmness, fairies, Valentine's Day, spring, Easter, beauty, cuteness, glamour, charm, politeness, sensitivity, tenderness, sweetness
brown soil, wood, autumn, earth, skin, chocolate, coffee, caramel, stone, Thanksgiving, cruel, selfishness, plainness, rustic, poverty
gray depression, boredom, neutrality, undefinedness, old age, contentment, pessimism, metal, military, serenity, purity, joy
black death, mourning, misery, evil, devils, demons, African Americans, darkness, ash, abyss, pessimism, secrets, magic, force, violence, elegance, the end
white ghosts, purity, softness, emptiness, God, life, sickness, lack, winter, snow, ice, heaven, Caucasian, peace, clean, air, sunlight, light, surrender, clouds, frost, milk, cream, good, cotton, angels, spirits, deities, weakness, bones, protagonist, innocence, drugs
peach skin, nakedness, sand, dust, drought, military
cyan sky, tranquility, calmness
lime fertility, spring, growth, energy
lilac spring, Easter, flowers
maroon sacrifice, bravery, mother earth
gold royalty, wealth, elegance, high status, supreme quality, glory

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